Wonky Vegetables Finally Go On Sale

There has been something of a national outrage in regards to how UK supermarkets have been selecting the fruit and vegetables they sell to their customers.

For with the strategy that those customers only want the very “best” and most “normal” and standard looking vegetables that means that many farmers have been forced to dispose of huge amounts of their harvest that didn’t meet the stricture criteria demanded by those large supermarket chains.

There have been some reports whereproducers of fruit and vegetables have been forced to disposeof up to 50% of the crops they harvest each year and therefore have been forced to reduce the predicted profits they can make due to that wasted produce.

However, those days of farmers having to throw away a huge percentage of their crops are changing, for now with the launch of the “Wonky Fruit and Vegetable” range ofproduce by some of the leading supermarketsconsumers are now able to buy those fruit and vegetables that would previously have been thrown away.

Depending on which supermarket you shop at you will find that you can buy a box of “Wonky” fruit and/or vegetables for a fraction of the usual retail cost of those items, and the only difference between those items are that they may look a little misshapen or may have the occasional blemish on them!

So please do be on the lookout for those Wonky items when you next pop down to your local supermarket, for you will be able to save smallfortune over time if you opt for those strangelollingfruit and vegetables rather than simple purchase the better looking ones!

However, one thing to keep in mind when you are shopping for fruitandvegetableis that your local green grocer can often offer you a much better range of low cost items, and as such you should be actively supporting those local stores with your business!

Just keep in mind that you will need to have plenty of storage space at home if you do intend to buy one of thelargest boxes of wonky fruit or wonky vegetables as they can be available in many different sized bonuses so you will be able to buy a large or small box of them depending on your own personal needs, so hunt and shop around when you are next out shopping!

Easy Ways to Keep Fit

One excuse many people will give for avoiding trying to keep fit is that they have no quality time to set aside to enable them to put together a long and well thought-out exercise regime.

Well it is always going to be the case that there are a few very minor changes that you can make to your daily lifestyle that will allow you to become slightly more active than usual which in turn will be doing its own little part in keeping you fit and healthy.

Below you are going to find a few different highlighted things that us should try and do each day as you are going about your day to day life, so read on and do try and make those little changes to your lifestyle and the rewards are there for the taking in regards to your overall health when you do so!

Take the Stairs – If you tend to use the elevator or lift when you are in a building then one very easy way you can get into slightly better shape will be for you to stop using thoseelevators and lifts and instead choose to take the stairs.

Whilst some buildings are of course so huge it would be impractical or sometimesimpossible for you to walk up all of the stairs in those building, do try and make a concertedeffort and at the very least walk up a few floors via the stairs!

Walk Short Journeys – Probably one thing that we are all guilty of is taking the car instead of walking on a very small journeyperhaps to the shops for example. Why not make a personal vow to yourself that you will walkinstead of taking the car on any journey that is less thanone-milelong.?

If you haven’t walked such a journey for a small while, then it is nothing to be afraid of doing and slowly but surely that journey will become easier as you get fitter

Get a Bike – There is another way you can put together a muchfitter lifestyle will be by you getting a bike, and then getting out and about daily, if you do not fancy walking to the shop as mentioned above than you can of course choose to cycle to the shops instead.

You will be amazed at just how much fitter you will feel when you do get out and about on your bike, in fact many people now choose to commute to work on their bike, for that in turn will save you money too.

Cutting Back on Snacks – Another thing that we are all guilty of is sitting down in front of theTV to watch television shows or a good film and then having a range of snacks in easy reach, in fact you will probably end up with a full packet of biscuitsbecoming an empty packet of biscuitsduring any long session of watching television!

You really do need to cut back on the snacks if you have a long term goal of losing weight and becoming a much fitter person, and as such put into place a regime where you will be eating your main meals, and if you do snack then make sure there are a range of different fruits in easy reach of your instead of the biscuit barrel

Get Enough Sleep – Your body does need a certain amount of rest and you may think that by keeping up until all hours that will seeyourbody working harder to keep you awake and will use up more calories doing so.

However, lack of sleep can over time have a detrimental effect on your body and you do need to have as much sleep as your body needs, and never eat a large meal before you do go to sleep!

HighCalorie Drinks – It is not only eating the wrong food stuffs that will seeyou piling on the pounds but also drinking the wrong drinks can also see you gaining weight too. In fact, with many coffee shops opening in towns and cities across the UK you may be tempted to call in and have one of their more unique coffees.

Whilstthere is nothing wrong with drinking beverages or any type of drink you fancy you do have to be aware at just how much sugar and calories are in your drinks as often drinking too much of your favouritedrinks will seeyou gaining even more weight, more so if those drinks and beverages are packed with sugar!

So opt for the low calorie or low sugar drinks, as they are the very best alternatives to drink when you need to have a refreshing drink!

Small Portions – When you are making a meal you will often find you make slightly larger portions, more so if you are entertaining, however by simply making smaller portions and not wolfing down your meals as quickly as is possible you will start to lose Wight and when you do that with some form of exercise regime you will ofcourse lose weight too.

Make sure that you do eat you’re five a day or fruit and vegetables too and if you think that sound way too boring then become a little more adventurous with the types of fruit andvegetables you buy and use when cooking and aim for healthysnacks.

All supermarkets these days have a very wide range offruit and vegetables available and as such shop around and try out some of those fruit and vegetables that you have never seen or eaten before, you may actually like them!

Also many stores now sell a range of wonky vegetables, these are simply vegetables that may not be perfect in their size and shape and as such they will be much lower priced vegetablesto buy which means you will notbe paying too much to ensure you are able to eat yourrequired five a day, which could soon become a six, seven or even eight a day!

Benefits of Giving Up Smoking

There are of course so many benefits of you giving up smoking if you do smoke, then it really is about time that you stop smoking, however it can be hard to give up smoking more so if you have been a regular smoker for a number of years.

Whilst you will find warnings on cigarette packets and often some quite graphics images on those boxes in regards to what smoking will do to your body, having the inclination and will power to stop smoking is not something that everyone possesses.

However, even if you do smoke then there are ways that you can try and reduce the number ofcigarette you do smoke, which may be a good way for you to finally get on track to giving up all together.

In fact, as a smoker you will not want lecturing on how giving up smoking is going to possibly make you live longer and reduce your risks of developing a life threatening illness, but please if you do want to give up smoking the healthbenefits are there for the taking.

The sooner you do stop smoking the more money you are going to save, for with the price of cigarettes only going upwards in value and never coming down there are lots of financial benefits of you giving up.

If you do feel that the time has come when you fancy stopping smoking then there are a rangeofdifferentplaces that you can turn to for help, advice and support. The first place you could visit is your local GP’s surgery for there are lots of different government backed schemes that are going to help support you when are giving up smoking.

You will often find that it can be yourfriends and family members that can also help you give up smoking, but keep in mind many of them will be badgering you at times if they do catch you smoking, and as such try not to snap back at them for one thing you will certainly experience is withdrawal symptoms in the early days of you giving up smoking!

You may also be thinking of giving up smokingcigarettes and using one of the new vaper devices which are available from a great number of different retailers, they are seen as a slightlyhealthieralternative to smoking.

However, please do be aware that you should only buy the vapour kits from licensed and approved suppliers, for there have been a huge number of incidents recently were people have bought cheap vapour kits online only for those devices to burst into flames randomly often seriously hurting the people using them!

If you do choose to smoke then the only person who is going to enable you to stop is yourself, and as such please do get all of the help and support you will need to help you stop smoking and try to dig deep into your inner being and have to the will power to stop smoking.

One thing that you will find when you do stop smoking for a fair period of time is that you will get to hate the smell of other people smoking! But please do remember that asyou were once a smoker yourselfdon’t kick off and start ranting and raving at any smoker you come across!

Please do have a good look round our website as we have lots of additional recourses that you may be interested in making use of in the hope that you can successfully stop smoking, good luck if you do!