Wonky Vegetables Finally Go On Sale

There has been something of a national outrage in regards to how UK supermarkets have been selecting the fruit and vegetables they sell to their customers.

For with the strategy that those customers only want the very “best” and most “normal” and standard looking vegetables that means that many farmers have been forced to dispose of huge amounts of their harvest that didn’t meet the stricture criteria demanded by those large supermarket chains.

There have been some reports whereproducers of fruit and vegetables have been forced to disposeof up to 50% of the crops they harvest each year and therefore have been forced to reduce the predicted profits they can make due to that wasted produce.

However, those days of farmers having to throw away a huge percentage of their crops are changing, for now with the launch of the “Wonky Fruit and Vegetable” range ofproduce by some of the leading supermarketsconsumers are now able to buy those fruit and vegetables that would previously have been thrown away.

Depending on which supermarket you shop at you will find that you can buy a box of “Wonky” fruit and/or vegetables for a fraction of the usual retail cost of those items, and the only difference between those items are that they may look a little misshapen or may have the occasional blemish on them!

So please do be on the lookout for those Wonky items when you next pop down to your local supermarket, for you will be able to save smallfortune over time if you opt for those strangelollingfruit and vegetables rather than simple purchase the better looking ones!

However, one thing to keep in mind when you are shopping for fruitandvegetableis that your local green grocer can often offer you a much better range of low cost items, and as such you should be actively supporting those local stores with your business!

Just keep in mind that you will need to have plenty of storage space at home if you do intend to buy one of thelargest boxes of wonky fruit or wonky vegetables as they can be available in many different sized bonuses so you will be able to buy a large or small box of them depending on your own personal needs, so hunt and shop around when you are next out shopping!